Thursday, September 24, 2009

New To Old How To

I am diligently trying to write out all the steps DFE and I took to transform my dresser from this

to this!

Check back over the weekend for the post (I'm going to try to get some close up shots, etc.). Or email me (or, hey, follow me) and I'll let you knwo when I've posted it.

Thanks!! Thanks for all the emails and comments! You guys are TOOO kind!!


  1. You are a genius!!! This is such a great idea and it looks so cool!! I am definitely lovin' it!!
    Thanks for coming over...and I'm followin'you.

  2. Ok, this is AWESOME!! Wow it's so creative and unique!! Who would've thunk that you could make such an amazing piece of furniture out of a dresser?! Great Job!!!

  3. that is the greatest remake of a dresser i've ever seen. i came over from gina's because you're a diva. & then after seeing your dresser i was gonna ask if i could mention it on my blog & link to it. and then i started going back & reading your other blog posts. & then i went over to your other blog. & then i saw some mention of "prosser's" (& i know of a prossers in lake city, s.c.) & then i kept reading & then you mentioned belize (& caye caulker is my favorite place on earth & we've been there 3x on work & witness trips & pleasure) & then i saw on your profile that you live in s.c. (& my hubby is from cades, s.c. & we have a little vacation house there & his nephew lives in irmo) & then i decided to comment here. small world. the end.

    peace -