Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Collect Dressers

Some people collect figurines, post cards, coins, vintage enamel ware... me? I collect dressers. I've got a serious, SERIOUS thing for them. Big, small, plain, detailed, painted, stained... I love them. I have 2 in my bedroom, one in my guest room, one in my living/dining room and I promise, if my kitchen had room, there would be one there, too. I've bought and resold nearly as many as I've kept. Dressers make me happy. Weird, I know. But I love me some dressers.

I'm not TERRIBLY picky, but I prefer my drawers to be dove-tailed and my wood to be real (no veneer or particle board, please). I bought one dresser and Renningers years ago that was green with orange drawers, I stripped it and stained it. I bought a walnut one and painted it black.

Yeah, I love me some dressers.

I started this blog because I've realized that so many of the blogs I hop to are all about my second passion in life - creating a comfy home for me and my "kids." (Ok, so they're only a dog and cat and really, they could care less about how my house is decorated) I've wanted time and time again to post a link or share a project I'm working on or completed, but my other blog just doesn't fit (and to suddenly start taking about a frame that I'm repurpsoing would have just seemed... well... odd...).

I don't claim to be creative. But I do love a good treasure hunt and a reason to break out my paint brushes, tools and sewing machine. So here I go, the good, the really bad and the, "Gosh that is ugly" of decorating and repurpsing with Dresser Girl.


(If you bounced here from my over at Delicious Ambiguity, I hope you enjoy the trip. I started this one because many of the blogs I hop to and post on have to do with all things cool and exciting like bathroom makeovers and creative use for pine cones. DA just didn't fit.)

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