Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Saw The Light!

(Addendum by a Dumb Dumb: I'm so incrediably embarassed. I'm a college graduate for heaven's sake!! DIY!! DIY!!! DIY!!!! Sheesh!!!)

So my main reason for starting blog #2 (even though I initially said I wouldn't) was so that I could participate in all the DIY days and such that happen on some of my new favorite blogs. So this is my first DIY blog entry on A Soft Place To Land and I'm so excited I could SPIT (I promise I won't!!).

I've lived in my new "hometown" for nearly two years. And for that entire time I've felt disconnected, unsettled and basically like I shouldn't be here. I think a good portion of those feelings came from abandoning my second (third actually) love of junking, antiquing, picking and re-purposing all things cool and preferably old.

So last weekend, encouraged by some of the COOLEST blogs I've seen, including ASPTL and Thrifty Decor Chick, I pulled out some of my once forgotten projects, made a "quick" jaunt to Walmart for some spray paint and let the good times roll!

Several years ago, while living in my beloved Florence, I made WITH MY VERY OWN HANDS all new bed coverings, including curtains. They were all based on a GORGEOUS pattern by Ralph Lauren, but cost about 1/4 of the price (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm CHEAP!). One of the things I needed the most were new lamps.

Enter a Target end cap. I found 2, BEAUTIFULLY shaped wooden lamps for only $10/each. WOOT!!

But they were white-ish and I needed them to be black-ish.

Hello Krylon spray paint.

Now it only took me nearly 3 years to paint them, but I definitely think it was worth the wait. (No, I'm not a slow painter, just a terrible procrastinator.)

(And unfortunately I only have 1 to show because... well... when they tell you to make sure your surface is clean and particle free... turns out they mean it!)

Here's the lamp before:



And here are some of the items I hope to be working on in the coming weeks

As I mentioned this is part of A soft Place To Land and their DIY day. And it's my first DIY post!! YEAH ME!!



  1. Welcome to DIY day! I'm addicted :)
    The lamps are way cuter black - nice job!

  2. Love the lamps black! Great job :) DIY Day is soooo addicting.

  3. Congrats on your first DIY post!! It looks awesome. :-)

  4. Yeah you!!! The lamp turned out fabulous. I like it better in black too. Your post was very fun to read as well. Good job!!!

  5. Welcome to DIY Day! I'm so glad that you linked up. Great job on your project.

  6. Isn't everything better black? Looks great!